It is an Accounting Study created in 1981, throughout this time to the present we provide advisory and consulting services in business areas such as accounting, taxation, Finance, Costs and Audit. We have sufficient experience and professionalism in each of our actions, providing our Clients with efficiency, effectiveness, economy and punctuality in response to the trust they place in us.


We are a ACCOUNTING STUDY dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the areas of Accounting, Costs, Auditing, Mining Issues,Taxation, Labor, Financial and Administrative Advice. . We have an important trajectory from 1981 to the present and we are known for providing our services in an effective, efficient and personalized way for which we are integrated by a group of highly specialized professionals in each field, we take into account that our clients need a comprehensive advice to face the new challenges of the future for this reason we do not hesitate to offer the best market for your company or business.

We want to mention that our business solutions are based on the principles of Integrity, Responsibility, Punctuality, Commitment, Efficiency and Personalized Attention, these characteristics are different from the other ACCOUNTING STUDIES and they impel us to continue innovating to improve every day.

We are convinced that the team work Asesor (ACCOUNTING STUDY) and Client in an environment of mutual and continuous cooperation brings great benefits for this reason we emphasize on generating continuous value to this relationship so that it grows more and more in time, so We just want to tell you that the confidence you place in our ACCOUNTING STUDY will be well rewarded with the results of our work in everything your business needs, such as CONSULTANTS,, OUTSOURCING, CONSULTANTS,, SPECIAL WORKS,, REPRESENTATIONS IN AUDITS BY SUNAT and many other services that We will be giving you a committed way.